About Us

Building and maintaining a successful website is about so much more than vision and know-how – ideal web hosting services are of paramount importance.
Having tried, tested and spent time with a vast array of hosting companies from all over the web, the Hostfinder.co.uk team is in a privileged position to offer expert insights into quality hosting. Our extensive experience in various online industries allows up to take a uniquely comprehensive look at the services being offered, in order to evaluate what’s actually delivered.

The Haystack-Needle Scenario

We realised some time ago that despite there being hundreds of new hosting companies joining the mix each year, finding a downright decent example is becoming harder by the day. What’s more, differentiating between the competing providers in accordance with their promises is nigh-on impossible – they all claim to be the best, the cheapest and the most reliable.

Chances are however you won’t be happy to sign up for a 12, 24 or even a 36-month deal without establishing at least a few guarantees in advance though – which is where Hostfinder.co.uk comes into the equation.

What Matters to You

Here at Hostfinder.co.uk, we’re not the types to go nit-picking every minor detail and panning any hosting service that’s ever made a mistake. Instead, we set ourselves apart from other review sites by looking at what really matters to you. From low prices to leading customer service and the keeping of all promises made, we focus exclusively on the crucially important stuff and lead the chaff to our rivals.

We’ve made it as simple as possible for you to instantly see which of the hosting services out there have scored highly with their users and built a name for themselves for all the right reasons.

What’s more, we’re constantly adding new names to the ranks so you can be sure that when and where a hosting company appears that’s worth doing business with, you’ll find it here.

Impartial and Objective – Reviews You can Trust

Most importantly of all however, each and every one of our reviews is 100% impartial, unbiased and objective through and through. With no brand or site affiliations to cloud or sway our opinions, you can be confident that every insight we share has your best interest in mind.

We hope you’ll find all the advice you’ll ever need across the Hostfinder.co.uk website, but if you have any further questions about web hosting, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.