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The promise of a lifetime satisfaction guarantee sets Compila apart from its rivals, and the services on offer here will be enough to satisfy most users. A valid contender with a winning customer care team and plenty to offer, Compila is certainly worth considering.


Most website hosting companies make a fair few promises to win over prospective clients, but is’ probably fair to say that the list of promises made by Compila is in a league of its own. Here’s a hosting company that’s been in business since February 2000 and has in the years since grown into one of the UK’s biggest. They certainly have a large enough subscriber base and claim to have won a ton of awards over the years, so on the whole it looks like a promising bet with some serious plus points.

But here’s the thing – promises mean nothing if they’re not acted up in the real world, so how does Compila perform when put to the test?

Pure Professionalism

The thing that makes the Compila website immediately stand out from the crowd is the website itself – there’s really no denying it’s a pure pillar of professionalism and comprehensive information. With so many hosting companies these days, it’s a simple case of “Here are the packages and here’s button for signing up” which means that for any other answers you need to make the effort to get in touch.

With Compila however, it’s about as close to the other end of the spectrum as it’s possible to be. The landing page offers plenty of information on everything from reseller hosting to domain name registration, along with a fair few reviews to help set a reassuring tone for the whole thing.

From the navigation bar at the top you can jump instantly to dozens and dozens of pages ranging from case studies to various tutorials and right through to the hosting packages on offer. Which of course leads to the question of how the service packages measure up in line with such a glowing first impression.

Five Packages from Starter to Pro

The cheapest package from Compila weighs in at just £11.89 per year at the time of writing, which puts it right in line with the lowest cost hosting services on the market right now. In terms of what you get for your money, Compila promises the standard 1GB of web space you’d expect, though ups the ante with unlimited bandwidth – pretty unusual to hear for such a low price.

Things then step up as far as the Professional package for £76.49 per year, which comes with a thousand bells and whistles attached as standard.

However, what’s most unusual about all of the packages on offer is that each of them – including the £11.89 bargain – comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee in-tow. It’s fortune these days to be offered even a 30-day guarantee – lifetime guarantees are few and far between to say the least.

And when it comes to added bonuses, Compila also throws in no less than 45 eBooks, software that would usually cost hundreds of pounds to buy and over 300 templates to use when designing websites. Top it all off with the promise of the best Dell servers on the planet and 24/7 support for subscribers at all levels and it’s all shaping up to be a seriously attractive deal on paper, but how does subscriber feedback stack up?

Superb Support, Mixed Successes

Speaking in firm favour of Compila, it’s safe to say that the sales and service teams have both built solid reputations for providing friendly and competent help around when and where needed. There’s barely a report to be found of anyone encountering a member of the service team that isn’t every bit as professional as they are personable. That being said, there are scattered reports of subscribers having a fair bit of trouble getting a reply in the first place, but there aren’t many hosting companies out there that aren’t sometimes slowed down during peak times – especially for such low prices.

As for the downsides, the general consensus seems to be that with Compila, you get what you pay for. This isn’t a hosting company that’s free from criticism in terms of occasional site downtime, bandwidth is known to suffer when congestion hits highs, ‘unlimited’ doesn’t necessarily ring true when limits are imposed. What’s more, a fair few of the people that have invoked the money back guarantee on offer insist that the whole thing is complicated with so many terms, conditions and clauses that it is practically impossible to make it happen.

In Summary: Low Priced Packages, Mid-Level Service

The long and short of it with Compila is that you really cannot argue with the value for money on offer if you opt for one of the incredibly low-price deals up for grabs. At the same time however, if pure service standard and quality of hosting matter above and beyond anything else, Compila performs somewhere around the mid-reaches and is not without its downfalls.


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