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Cheap and cheerful web hosting services that prove you don’t need to spend a great deal to enjoy a feature-rich package and great customer support. Heart is a serious candidate for a wide range of users and is certainly a winner in value for money stakes.


It’s fair to say that Heart Internet earns points pretty quickly for having a truly polished and overall impressive website – that’s really not up for debate. However, the proof is as they say in the pudding, so the question is whether the wide range of web hosting services on offer live up to the mark. The trouble these days is that when you see a hosting package on offer for just £2.49 per month, you know it could go one of two ways.

After all, low prices are all relative if the quality of services offered is weak, so what’s the story with Heart Internet? Can £2.49 really bring you good value for money?

A Clear Contender

In a nutshell, Heart Internet has managed to make one hell of a name for itself since being introduced in 2004. A decade of experience in the industry has helped Heart put together a series of tailored service packages and a feature-rich platform, focusing largely on reseller hosting and shared hosting packages. A major player across Europe as well as the UK, it’s the super-affordable shared-hosting packages that the vast majority of subscribers make use of, so most reviews you’ll come across follow suit.

So how does Heart Internet stand out for just £2.49 per month and up?

Firm Features, Solid Services

The most basic packages are the only one on offer at Heart Internet that don’t come with unlimited hosting space as standard, which is a big plus. And while it’s not exactly uncommon for leading hosting services these days to offer both Linux and Windows hosting, it’s worth remembering that some of the industry’s key players still haven’t caught up and followed suit – Heart Internet falls on the positive side of the fence.

In addition to unlimited hosting space, Heart Internet also guarantees unlimited bandwidth as standard which immediately gives it a firm advantage over many of its rivals. This again is something that is fast becoming the new standard, though remains lacking even with some of the industry’s top players.
Heart Internet has, like a fair few other, gone with the cPanel option for its control panel, which is quite frankly nothing but a positive thing. It certainly doesn’t separate this particular hosting company apart from the crowd, but it certainly guarantees a smooth running and easy to use UI that’s perfect for beginners and pros alike.

Customer Care

Take a sample selection of the Heart Internet reviews doing the rounds right not and one pattern you’ll immediately notice is a solid commitment to customer care. And in the instances where there have been a few negatives reported, this is a firm that always does its best to both reply and resolve issues every single time. Heart seems to have realised that one of the most important things to its subscribers is fast response times – something that’s managed to escape the attention of so many others.

In fact, Heart takes it a fair few steps further than almost any comparable service out there by offering a full 30-day money back guarantee for anyone that’s not completely won over by the quality of customer care. They make a hell of a lot of promises and tell you what you should expect, but in a rare exception to the standard they actually follow through on them too.

Upper Level Limitations

As far as negatives go, there have been a few sketchy complaints with regard to the upper-level packages on offer from Heart Internet. Perhaps the most common of all…though still mercifully rare…is that of the apparent ‘unlimited’ services being anything but. Some have reported being limited to 20GB of server space and 60GB of monthly bandwidth, which is of course more than enough for most but by very definition isn’t unlimited.

The general consensus seems to be that if you’re looking to go for the £9 Home Pro package, you may find you can get a package with the same services elsewhere for cheaper. But that being said, there’s always the money back guarantee to invoke if you change your mind.


It’s doubtful that a day will ever come when any web hosting company wins over 100% of its clients 100% of the time – there will always be those that aren’t happy for one reason or another. As such, it’s important to go with the majority vote and establish just what the hosting service is capable of providing – Heart Internet being one of the most universally acclaimed on the market today.

If you’re after a cheap and cheerful package that’s fully-featured and will barely make a dent in your bank balance, you really can’t go far wrong.

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