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Stylish simplicity is the name of the game at Zyma where everything just seems to happen with ease, professionalism and peace of mind to boot. Prices start low and stay low here, so you’ll struggle to find anything to complain about for the money.


Take a look at the market for hosting companies on the web today and chances are you won’t know where to start. Seriously, there are hundreds of them and every last one is promising to be better than the last and more affordable than the next. Zyma is one such example and has a pretty impressive list of plus points apparently offered to all subscribers at all levels. Of course, all the promises in the world don’t add up to a great deal if they aren’t followed through upon, so before taking anything Zyma has to say on board, it’s a good idea to see what’s what when their packages are put to practice.

Affordable and Admirable

Zyma is another example of a web hosting company that doesn’t present a lengthy list of the various subscription packages you can choose from. Instead, you pay £1.79 per month for a subscription of one, two or three years and you’re then free to add on the extras you want. For the basic £1.79 price you net yourself unlimited web space, unlimited traffic, unlimited email accounts, unlimited FTP accounts, a free website builder, the promise of 99.99% uptime and a money back guarantee thrown in to boot.

They also offer a free website transfer service, which means that if you want to move your site over from an existing hosting service you’ll be able to do so 100% free of charge.

And if you manage to get one of your friends or acquaintances to sign up too, they’ll give you six months of hosting for free!

In Practice

Once you get going with Zyma, you’ll be taken to the account area for subscribers from where you can manage your website, open tickets for support, check the status of the servers, keep tabs on your webmail and so much more besides. You might be pleased to know that Zyma has like many others decided to go with cPanel as its primary control panel, which is one of the most user-friendly out there right now. There’s a ton of one-click installation features to play with too, so even if you don’t really know what you’re doing, you soon will.

As far as the optional features that you can add to your £1.79 subscription, the most popular is probably the full backup service that’s offered for £19.99 per year. £29.95 will net you SSL protection for a full year, while a further £4.95 is all it costs for Whois privacy. So even if you sign up for the job lot of what’s on offer, you’re still looking at a service package that’s nowhere near as expensive as some of its comparable rivals.

That being said, one criticism often thrown the way of Zyma is the way in which none of these additional services are offered at any kind of discounted rate, regardless of whether you sign up for them for one, two or three years. As such, there’s really no incentive to plan more than a year ahead, which is a shame.

Sore Points

There isn’t a web hosting service in the world today that gets it right 100% of the time and manages to win over 100% of its clients. As such, you can’t make your mind up until you’ve heard both sides of the story, so what about the downside of Zyma?

Well, judging by the feedback doing the rounds it’s clear to see that the biggest sore point of all is that of not offering… or at least not always offering…unlimited everything. It’s often argued that unlimited by its very definition is impossible to be provided and therefore to advertise as such is not necessary the best way to go as when pushed to the extreme, limits creep into the equation.

That being said, this isn’t a criticism that can be applied to Zyma alone as ‘unlimited’ really is the buzz word of the hosting world right now.

In Conclusion: Solid Performance and Superb Simplicity

Spend some time with Zyma and you’ll come to realise that one of the things that sets them in a league of their own is the simplicity of the whole thing. From opening accounts to transferring websites to building sites and even tracking down customer care representatives, everything just seems to happen with ease.

They may not offer strictly the fastest or most powerful hosting services on the web today, but unless you’re a heavy-power user with pretty excessive demands, you won’t go far wrong.

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